Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sippy cup battles

OK, I need some help.

We’re having sippy cup challenges.

I’m not so sure it’s a case of Ladybug not being able to use it as much as not wanting to use it.

Each time I hand her a cup, it ends up on the floor or upside down in highchair tray. We’ve tried all kinds:

A small two-handled Snoopy sippy that doesn’t require any sucking and leaks when upside down.

A larger no-handle Disney princess sippy that requires lots of sucking but doesn’t leak when upside down.

A one-handled Raggedy Ann cup with no top and that begs for a little hand to splash around its contents.

We’ve also tried the tiny yogurt drinks with the foil peeled back a little, halfway and off altogether.

I’m stumped.

I was talking with another mother who has a son a couple months older than Ladybug and she noted she was having the same problem. She has an older -- successfully weaned – child, so she told me she knows it can be done. She just doesn’t remember how.

Any suggestions?


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