Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A minor miracle

So, this weekend after a nightmare round of grocery shopping in Wal-Mart – which despite my unsuccessful best efforts to get there while the crowd was still in church – we went out to lunch.

I was trying my best to keep Ladybug occupied to forget the fact that it was now three hours past her naptime. We had gone through the last of her strawberry-flavored finger puffs, a napkin full of rice had ended up on the floor and she was looking like she was going to nosedive for a full-fledged chomp fest on the restaurant high chair. So to distract her, I put my glass of lemonade up to her mouth.

Do you want something to drink? I asked, not expecting anything to come out of it. (You know what I mean if you read about our sippy cup challenges.)

Ladybug opened her mouth for a sip. But rather than going for the edge of the glass, she stuck the straw in her mouth and – miracle of miracles – sucked up a mouthful.

Wow! Did you see that?! my husband and I exclaimed to each other.

Our enthusiasm was short-lived as Ladybug puckered up her lips and spit out the lemonade.
I tried to get her to drink from the straw again, but by that time she had discovered it was another thing that she could chew on.

But, hey, there may be hope for us yet!


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