Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'll take that headbutt any day

Ladybug has recently discovered that if she taps her head against the wall, it makes enough noise to get attention from Mommy and Daddy.

This weekend all three of us laid down for a nap – or at least an attempt at one – when Ladybug realized tapping her head against the headboard accomplished the same thing.

Then it was the wall behind her changing table.

Then the kitchen cabinets.

Then, this morning, my head.

A good ol’ fashioned headbutt.

After I let out a cry of surprise and an obligatory exaggerated “Owwww!”, Ladybug giggled and gave me a slobbery kiss on the nose – only the second one she’s ever doled out.

I’m not a fan of the headbutts, but the kisses … that’s another story.


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