Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks for nothing

This morning I tried a new moisturizer. Well, OK, it wasn’t really a new moisturizer, just a free sample pack as part of my new pinching-pennies strategy.

It was supposed to be an anti-wrinkle, super-firming, non-greasy formula. As I dabbed it around my eyes, I could actually feel it lifting my skin. I was loving this stuff … until now. I just saw my reflection.

I had raccoon eyes, like I’d just rolled a floured pie crust over my face, chunks of it clinging to my crow’s feet.

But what made it worse was I was at work. Ya think someone would have told me?

It’s not like there wasn’t an opportunity. A colleague walked from the parking lot into the building with me. Another commented on the cough I can’t get rid of. Another joked about me leaving. Another was the recipient of a pile of files I had used throughout my reporting days.

“Hey, Michelle, you got crap all over your face” would have worked. I’m not picky. But I am bitter.

That’s OK, ladies. I’ll remember this the next time your skirt is caught in the waistband of your pantyhose.


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