Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Foot-stomping proud

There are moments in motherhood when you just want to raise your arms in triumph and yell, “I did it!”

Like when you’ve finally taught your toddler to drink from a real cup without dumping its entire contents in their lap. Or when you tell them it’s time to brush their teeth and they meet you in the bathroom. Or when you’re in the middle of the shoe store and they start shrieking the letters of the alphabet.

The latter happened to us yesterday. I had just slipped a pair of the cutest fur-lined boots onto Ladybug’s feet and told her to run around and test them out. She stood staring at her toes for a few minutes and then said, “Cool!”

“Yeah, that is cool. Did you see the rug?” my husband asked me.

I didn’t have to. I heard it.

“M!” Ladybug squealed as she hopped onto the corresponding letter.

“M!” she yelled again as she jumped to its mirror image a few blocks over.

My husband and I stood there applauding her achievement while shoppers turned around to see what the commotion was about. Who cares that they’re staring, I thought. My daughter just recognized a letter on her own! All those mix-and-match games we play with the refrigerator alphabet magnets are paying off!

“V!” I wanted to shout.


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