Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You can't make this stuff up

Ladybug has become quite the jabber jaws.

Most of the time she talks in her own “secret language,” but every once in a while we’ll pick up a few real words, albeit a little garbled.


Translation: How are you doing?

Hay yeeewwww!

Translation: Hey you! (This statement is usually reserved for when I have walked faster than Ladybug can keep up, or for when I have gone in another room and closed the door, leaving her on the other side.)

Teeeee Toooood.

Translation: Attitude, the name of one of our cats, usually stated in a long, drawn out whisper. It’s also how Ladybug refers to every feline she sees, whether they’re running through our back yard or are on the pages of her books.

Sometimes she’ll use real words with perfect pronunciation; she just doesn’t use them correctly.

Case in point, her word choice when she doesn’t feel good or is uncomfortable.

“Mama, enema. Enema, enema, enema!”

Oh, baby, you have no idea.


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