Friday, July 13, 2007

A little madness

I have a new goal: Spend no more than $80 a week on groceries and supplies.
So I pored over the weekly flyers hunting for the best deals and found some great bargains in Brookshire’s three-hour Moonlight Madness sale.

Madness it was.

I had never been able to go to one of these before because I was always at work. But I happened to be off on this particular Thursday, and the dollars-off coupons and super bargains were enticing enough to make me give it a try.

Hundreds of other people had the same idea. Women were counseling each other in the aisles on how to make the most of the coupons: “Use the $1 off health care coupon and get the pump soap for 23 cents or get that Lava bar for a nickel.”

A man, out of breath, ran up to a worker and asked where he could find the $5 cases of Coke.

Unsuspecting shoppers were cursing under their breaths. The checkout lines were backed up into the frozen food section.

But it was fun.

I left with a cart full of groceries for $33. I got free carrots, cat food, mozzarella cheese. And yes, I got 23-cent pump soap.


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