Friday, August 31, 2007

Party time!

Yahoo! We’re going on a date!

My parents are coming into town next week to visit, which means my husband and I will get to go on one of our overnight outings. Family visits are the only time we ever get to go out without Ladybug, partly because we have so much fun together as a family but moreso because we aren’t ready for a babysitter.

I’m sure there are some good ones out there, but I have recurring visions of the rare occasions my parents went out. The one babysitter my brother and I thought was cool because she played with us nonstop got fired when my parents found out she hid my brother in the dryer during a game of hide and seek. The replacement they used after that was boring. She’d bring her homework over and tell us to go play.

But grandparents are different. They’re attentive and obsessively loving and will drop whatever they’re doing for Ladybug. So when my parents have been here for a couple days and Ladybug warms up to them again, my husband and I head off for our hotel room, a few dollars from Mom and Dad in our hands to help pay for our evening of fun. My mom calls it rent-a-baby. I call it freedom.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my little Ladybug. Shoot, I quit my job to be with her. But it’s also nice to have some alone time with my husband. Last time we went on our overnight date, we stayed in and watched TV for hours – a luxury when you have a baby – and then went to IHOP at 1 a.m, another can’t-do when you’re raising a little one. Time before that, we hung around the Shreveport riverfront. We had dinner on the patio of one of the restaurants in the Red River District, went to the casinos and then wrapped up the evening at the comedy club.

Who knows where we’ll end up this time. Maybe we’ll go to the movies. We haven’t been in at least two years, maybe more. But it doesn’t matter where we go because I’ll be with my husband, Ladybug will be safe and having fun at home, and I might actually get to relax.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the winning combination for a perfect date.

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