Friday, August 17, 2007

Showcase home

Each time I walk in the front door, I’m amazed at how much our house has changed in the last two years.

I used to take pride in my decorating. Each time I’d go out, I’d keep my eyes open for the perfect accent piece. Each room had a theme – the guest room, a cottage getaway; our bedroom, New Orleans romance; the family room, ancient artifacts. You get the picture.

But as Ladybug has grown, each room has slowly been transformed into Toys R Us. I moved my dining room furniture into the family room just to accommodate the spillover of toys from Ladybug’s nursery. The coffee tables, after one too many close encounters with their sharp corners, have been transferred to another room where Ladybug’s not allowed to go. The bookcases were also unpacked and banished when Ladybug learned she could climb them.

My living room is barren now, except for the sofa, an entertainment cabinet and a fake tree that needs to be moved because of Ladybug’s newfound interest in dismantling it. And my bathroom is just as plain after this week’s clearing out of all things potpourri, scented and bath salt. Those items had become dust collectors. I haven’t had time to take a relaxing bath in almost two years now.

Yet, despite its emptiness, the house has a new kind of life in it. And I’m not talking about what’s growing on the dried food stuck on the floor around Ladybug’s high chair.

The sound of Ladybug’s bare feet pattering across the living room, the plunk of a block as it falls into its plastic tub, the beeps and squeaks of rubber toys – those are the things that now make my house so charming.

I’ve finally found the perfect accent piece.

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