Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rolling out the red carpet

I love having company. Not the unexpected kind – that creates all kind of stress when you have a baby – but the kind you know is coming and will stay for a few days. You get the enjoyment of being in the presence of people you like. You get to visit your city and see it through the eyes of an out-of-towner You eat food you normally wouldn’t cook for yourself. But the best part: You clean your house inside and out.

My parents are coming in a few days, and I’m getting ready. Unlike the last time when they showed up a day early and I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping, this time I’m preparing in advance. Sure, my parents always say, “Don’t go to any trouble. We can make the bed and clean the bathroom when we get there.” And they really wouldn't care that there's a big stain at the front entrance where my husband tripped over my coffee cup when I sat it down to help Ladybug with something.

But that’s just not me. I like to offer a welcoming environment but, truth is, it’s a lot harder to create with Ladybug running around. No sooner will I get toys picked up in one room then she’s emptied a shelf in another room. And to be honest, cleaning -- or at least the detail stuff -- isn't that much of a priority to me anymore. I'd rather spend time with Ladybug.

But having company forces me to do much-needed tasks. I stay up a little later to get things done and I'll sneak in some cleanup when Ladybug takes a nap. I’ve got just about all the laundry done that way this week, although it’s still sitting on the dining room table since I have to go through her room to put everything away. And this afternoon I got about half of the flower beds weeded before it started raining. Tomorrow I’ll finish steam cleaning the carpets, and Tuesday I’ll mop the floors. I’ll do the final touchups on the guest bedroom and bathroom on Wednesday.

At least that’s the plan. I’m full of energy and good intentions. I just need a little cooperation from Ladybug in the form of two-hour naps.

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