Monday, January 28, 2008

Fee(l) my pain

You can call me Oscar because I’m a bit of a grouch after buying three tickets to Sesame Street Live. I could just hear Elmo laughing as I clicked the “Buy Tickets Now” button and watched $85 get sucked out of my wallet.

There was a building fee, a convenience fee, a fee for ME to print the tickets from MY HOME COMPUTER, and some other fee that I choose not to remember. It was like getting three tickets for the price of four.

It took me about five days and 20 attempts to actually have the tickets in hand. First, I kept getting timed-out of the online purchase because I was reading the fine print about Ticket Master sharing my address, sending marketing and promotional e-mails, not being responsible for lost or stolen tickets and all of the other methods they’d use to profit off this one transaction.

When I finally managed to get all the forms filled out in time, I was so worked up that I cancelled the order altogether. It took a few days for my husband to convince me to order them again. After all, it’s for Ladybug, he said.

I begrudgingly bought them. But I can guarantee you that Big Bird isn’t the only one with ruffled feathers these days.


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