Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oranges, oranges everywhere

I really should know better. You’d think 22 months of practice would teach me something when it comes to Ladybug’s eating habits. But, oh, how quickly we forget when excitement takes over.

Ladybug doesn’t deviate much from her egg beaters-cheese-yogurt-blueberries-bananas-spaghetti lineup. I’ve tried; but if it isn’t squishy, she isn’t interested. So when we went out to dinner the other night, she picked – surprise, surprise – spaghetti.

Her order came with a side of mandarin oranges, which I didn’t expect her to try. But I pushed the bowl to her while her spaghetti cooled off, and before I knew it, she had eaten every last one.

“Mmmmm! Yummy!” she said.

Woo-hoo! We can add another fruit to the at-home menu, I thought.

And just to make sure I didn’t forget, we went to Sam’s Club directly after dinner and bought those mandarin oranges.

A whole case of them.

That she won’t touch.

I’ve casually tried to slip a cup of them in at breakfast, but she pushes them away and asks for her “berries.” I’ve offered them as a mid-afternoon snack, but she shakes her head and asks for cheese. I’ve tried giving them to her at dinner, but she keeps falling asleep in her high chair before we get through the first course.

So I’ve got a case of mandarin oranges sitting in my pantry. According to the stamp on the can, they’re good until January 2010. At the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re still working on them then.


Blogger vulnadia said...

ya have to be sneaky when trying to give em new foods!!!!

she sounds like kaiden who cries as if terribly wronged when a new food is given to him- he truly gets upset & offended- he is a creature of habit-

so, i have found, that as long as the usual staples accompany the new foods (included in tiny increments) that he will eat them- then you can phase the old out so to say & the new in its place-

when he expects chicken strips & french fries for lunch, & finds it mixed with a few slices of ham, he is okay with it & accepts the ham as a tidbit/treat- alone, it makes him cry-

i am a mean mum & will give mine a bunch of little pieces in groups accross their tray at one time-not too much of one thing- but enough to have something to replace an unwanted/unliked food just in case-

we do okay for the most part- that way, you catch em on the first awake round of hungry- if its an especially messy food, i give it to em first in a bowl- then the easy nonmessy as a 2nd- the messy foods will get gobbled up almost immediately & the usuals will do okay til they get tired of eating (where yours is falling asleep so it sounds!)

its worth a shot!!!! she sounds like she liked the oranges, just wants her usual to accompany it too!!! start small & see if she asks for more-

hope it helps

January 2, 2008 at 1:18 PM  
Blogger Michelle Mahfoufi said...

Well, it took us a couple tries, but she's finally eating the oranges. Seems they have to be a particularly cool temperature or she doesn't want anything to do with them. So I've been letting them chill in the refrigerator several hours before her meal. That seems to be working for the time being, but that could change with the wind. That's for your suggestions.

January 3, 2008 at 12:28 PM  

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