Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The magic drawers

I love my kitchen. It’s full of lots of cabinets and drawers and countertop space. Ladybug loves it too, especially the drawer where I keep the kitchen towels.

When I’m preparing dinner or washing dishes, she’ll pull all of the neatly folded towels out of the drawer and then shove them back in a bundled-up wad. Now when I reach for a towel, I usually end up pulling out three or four in a ball.

At one point it became a magic drawer – open it up and reach in for a towel, and you’d likely pull out something else as well. There have been shoes, cookie cutters, play telephones, just about anything that is Ladybug’s fascination du jour.

But lately Ladybug has given up the magic drawer in exchange for the magic diaper. Reach in and you never know what you’ll find. There have been Cheerios, grated cheese and even strawberries.

What makes this so strange (as if it were normal, everyday behavior to begin with) is that she’s wearing onesies most of the time. You know, the one-piece outfits that go on over her head and snap between her legs. I’m trying to figure out how she would have grabbed a handful of strawberries, reached around her backside and stuck them up her diaper without me seeing.

I came to the conclusion that it must be happening in her high chair, that somehow as she wiggles while she eats that the food is falling and wedging between her butt cheeks.

That theory satisfied me until the other day when I was changing her diaper. I looked down and saw what looked like poop. But when did poop get flat and fuzzy?

That’s when I realized it was a puzzle piece, the body of a teddy bear. She certainly hadn’t been playing with her puzzle in her high chair, so I was left with the assumption that she actually intentionally stuck it in her diaper.

It reminded me of a story I read in one of my parenting magazines about a mother who took her toddler to the ER after the child stuck Legos up her nose.

When the doctor asked her why she had done that, she replied, “Because I didn’t have any pockets.”

She apparently didn’t have any diapers either.


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