Friday, August 3, 2007

Coming full cycle

Our washing machine is kaput, and as weird as it sounds, I’m kind of sad.

It’s not so much that it happened while I’m not working. After all, when else would it happen but when we’re on limited finances?

It’s just that it has a long history with us. We bought it just after my husband was transferred to Louisiana with the military more than a decade ago. It took us months of scrimping and saving to finally be able to buy it, but that was better than having to lug our laundry to the base laundromat every Saturday and browse the PX for hours while our clothes washed and dried.

I was so excited when that washing machine was delivered. But we still didn’t have a drier, so we ended up hanging our clothes outside – and learned very quickly how fast the Louisiana sun can fade BDUs and black T-shirts, and how afternoon thunderstorms can ruin your plans for a particular outfit that evening.

We ended up buying a dryer a few months later, and I was able to retire the drying rack that I had to use inside during wet days and winter months. We still have the same dryer. It sits next to the washer that will be hauled off when the new one is delivered next week.

Now I just hope the dryer doesn’t catch a case of sympathy breakdown.

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