Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Master manipulator

One of the things I enjoy most about not having to go to an office job anymore is not setting the alarm clock. That’s not to say I get to sleep in, but I now get a different type of wake-up call: Ladybug standing at the end of her crib, peering around the doorway into our bedroom and yelling, “Hey, yooooouuuu!”

Usually I get up right away. Sometimes I’ll just lay there and listen to her adorable rambling. Other times I’m just too tired to move. On those days, Ladybug has discovered how to get me to jump out of bed right quick.

After she’s gone through her repertoire of “hey, yoooouuuu!,” “what’s dat?,” “didi” and “bye-bye” and I still haven’t budged, she pulls out the big guns.


After our first experience with that word recently (read “The Best Dirty Diaper Ever”), I don’t dawdle. But so far, Ladybug’s claims have been all talk and no action. She laughs when I show up at her crib ready to change her diaper, only to discover there was no hurry.

And then she gives me a hug and it doesn’t matter that I wasn’t ready to get up yet.

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Blogger Foy said...

I'm not sure why it's using my hubby's name as my bloggin' name but it's Ginger/not Foy. I just wanted to say. I've had experience with the nasty poopy diapers. My worst fear is her taking one off and smearing it everywhere..( I haven't read the poopy diaper post yet) but I've got a little manipulator on my hands as well except she takes her diaper off. She wakes up with the usual cute banter and if I don't get there right away..I hear the distinct sounds of a diaper being undone and the morning I missed the sounds or before I recognized what they were..I found her diaperless. We've never had any poop but we did have some pee incidents before I learned to recognize the sound of a diaper being removed. So I'm quick to get up when the banter gets strangely silent and I hear the rip of a diaper.

August 19, 2007 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger Michelle Mahfoufi said...

We've had lots of those pee incidents too. And each time we do, I wonder who came up with the idea of putting a drawer under the crib. It catches all the spillover but it also means that I'm having to wash six sets of sheets instead of one. One of these days I'll stop putting things in those drawers ....

August 20, 2007 at 6:18 AM  

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