Friday, September 14, 2007

All in the head

I’m starting to think this stay-at-home-mom fatigue I’ve been experiencing is psychological.

I was barely tired this past week that my parents were here, despite our near morning-to-evening outings. And unlike their pre-visit days, I actually changed out of my pajamas in the morning. And last night, to my husband’s surprise, I grilled steaks and made homemade mashed potatoes. (That stint of cooking every meal right after I quit my job was short lived.)

But as soon as my parents pulled out of the driveway this morning for their return trip home, I felt the fatigue wash over me. Suddenly I wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep the rest of the afternoon. What’s up with that?

Maybe it’s the thought of knowing that we’re back to our routine of me struggling to keep Ladybug occupied. Or maybe it’s a hint that I should take advantage of Ladybug’s belated naptime to rest up. These last few frenzied days, Ladybug hasn’t been going to bed until 9:30 or so – two hours past her normal bedtime.

I have a very tired feeling I’m going to be paying for that soon.

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