Friday, November 16, 2007

Fingers crossed

Some days I feel like I’m on auto pilot. I go through the day completing tasks without memory of doing them. Recently I prepared dinner and left it uncooked on the stove top, apparently to be put in the oven later. Problem is, I don’t remember making it.

Then there was the dirty laundry that I went to get from the basket in the bathroom only to find out it wasn’t there. Seems I had already put it in the machine – detergent and all – but didn’t turn it on.

But the worst was this morning. I was in the bathroom when Ladybug walked in, sucking down the remnants of a bottle of formula.

“All done,” she said, putting the bottle on the countertop.

“Good job,” I replied as I usually do when she finishes drinking.

Hold on. Wait a minute, I thought. She already had her bottle this morning. Where did this one come from? I panicked as I remembered washing dishes last night after Ladybug went to bed and wondering where I might find the bottle for the cap I was holding. I made a mental note to look for the bottle as soon as I had finished but like so many thoughts these days, it disappeared before I got to the task.

I was horrified to think Ladybug drank day-old formula. What kind of mother lets that happen? Ladybug could get really sick, and it would be my fault. I sheepishly told my husband what happened, guilt-ridden by my distraction to clean the kitchen and the subsequent result it produced.

It’s been a couple hours since Ladybug found that bottle and so far, so good. I hope it stays that way. But for now I’m keeping my fingers crossed and the Pedialyte within reach.

UPDATE: We made it through the weekend with no sickness. Whew!

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