Monday, December 10, 2007

A break in the clouds

I don’t know what happened yesterday, but it was like the old days. Ladybug was absolutely angelic – no temper tantrums, no ignoring the rules, no unpleasant behavior. We went through our daily routine without a glitch, and even had an encore play session together when Ladybug pulled me by the hand to jump around with her on the foam alphabet puzzle mat.

These “good days” are so rare anymore that we made an impromptu special occasion out of it. We ate dinner in the TV room, Ladybug in her giggly Elmo chair with a tray, me balancing my plate on my lap in the recliner.

As we watched an old French cartoon version of “Heidi” from my husband’s childhood, Ladybug would point to the screen and ask “what’s that?” She’d repeat the word several times, long after the cartoon image had disappeared, and nod her head in satisfaction when her attempt produced the correct sound. Then when she went to bed, she blew me a kiss with the sweetest, “Night, night.”

I wish I knew the secret to days like that. Looking back, I don’t see where I did anything different that would affect her behavior in such a positive way. I guess it’s one of the mysteries of toddler life that I won’t question and just enjoy while I can.


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