Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hiding my own Easter eggs

About a month ago, Ladybug handed me the bottle she had just finished. It was missing the cap that she absolutely must hold in her right hand while downing the bottle in her left.

I looked in all the usual places that missing objects can usually be found – in her push, pull and ride-on toys; in her ball pit; on her book shelf between the pop-up books and the soft plush ones.


I gave up, accepted it as temporarily lost and pulled a backup cap out of my bottle supply. Then this morning I found it while looking for Easter eggs. Yes, Easter eggs. On Thanksgiving.

See, a couple days ago I had the idea to have an Easter egg hunt. Well, it was actually inspired by Ladybug after we pulled out a few home movies from earlier this year. As Ladybug sat watching her younger self celebrate her first birthday, take her first steps and have her first Easter egg hunt, she became excited, bouncing up and down in her chair.

So the next morning, I had the bag of Easter eggs and her basket waiting for her when she woke up. I hid the eggs in her nursery while she waited in the living room. She’d dart in every few minutes to see what I was doing, spot an egg, grab it and run back out. When I finally invited her in to search for the eggs, she squealed in delight each time she saw one propped in her shoe or sitting in the puppet dangling upside down from her crib.

When she had found all the eggs in her nursery, we did another hunt in the living room. But this time she wouldn’t leave while I hid the eggs. She watched as I placed an egg next to the entertainment center then would run and pick it up and soon as I sat it down. So as soon as she would bend over, I'd run to the other side of the room and line the sofa with another batch of eggs. She’d turn around and see them and dash over to put those in her basket. I'd go back to where she just came from and repeat the process.

We tired of the game after about an hour. We sat down and counted the eggs to make sure we had them all, then packed them back up to be put in the closet. I hung the bag of eggs on the closet handle to put away later, but I forgot.

So this morning as I slept in and my husband kept an eye on Ladybug, she found the bag and sprinkled the Easter eggs throughout the guest bedroom and the bathroom. I found them in the trashcan, on a dresser, under a pile of pillows, behind the bed skirt. That’s when I found the missing bottle cap.

I rounded up all the eggs and put them back in the bag. Except one. I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m giving up for now, accepting it as temporarily lost. But I’m sure it will turn up the next time I’m looking for a lost bottle cap.

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