Monday, January 28, 2008


Even though it’s been almost a month since my parents left after their Christmas visit, Ladybug still runs through the house looking for them.

“Neema?” she asks, standing in front of the closed guestroom door, waiting for my mother to come out.

The other day Ladybug and I were in the guestroom when she called for “Neema” again.

“Grandmom and Grandad will be here in about three weeks,” I said.

Ladybug stared at me with a blank look.

“Right, we haven’t discussed time yet,” I mumbled under my breath, trying to find the best way to describe all the days that have to pass before my parents come again.

“Well,” I started, “Grandmom and Grandad will be here after you’ve gone to bed and gotten up about 20 times.”

Ladybug continued to stare at me, comprehension slowly spreading over her face. Then she turned around and began pulling herself up on the bed.

If she could talk, I’m sure she would have said, “OK, now only 19 times to go.”


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