Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our muse

Ladybug loves chalk and if she could have her way, she’d draw on everything. She’s already learned that chalk works on the chimney hearth and the coffee table. But for the most part we’ve been able to keep her scribbles contained to the chalkboard and … the deck.

Yes, our outdoor living space is a 300-square-foot chalkboard. Every piece of exposed wood is covered in circles and lines and squiggly shapes. Call it art decko.

Ladybug goes about her day with sidewalk chalk at hand. There’s a pile of it next to the patio doors and a small basket full next to my desk where a portable chalkboard is propped. Connecting the two stashes is a trail of broken pieces, which I pick up and place on the kitchen counter as I find them.

Last night after we had put Ladybug to bed, I walked into the kitchen to find my husband drawing on the counter with the chalk I had placed there.

“It’s a good thing Ladybug is in bed. You might give her ideas,” I said.

“You’ve got it all wrong,” he replied. “I get my inspiration from her.”

I know what he means. Scribbled next to Ladybug’s deck designs, you’ll find a few of my own.

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