Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She did it!

My mom read about Ladybug’s pooping-in-the-tub episodes (see the Jan. 22 entry "Warning: Not for the Weak-Stomached") and offered up this thought:

“Would this be a good opportunity to sit her on the potty just before bath time to poop? Perhaps if you made it a habit at the same time of day, just for this particular poop time, it will finally connect and she will let it rip in the potty. It sounds like she is trying to develop a 'regular' night-time elimination, and by shear odds you have to get it in the potty at least once! From that point on you may be able to start some of the potty training.”

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the obvious. I had been so wrapped up in trying to catch Ladybug’s sewage baths before they became too messy, that I didn’t think to prevent them.

So every night before Ladybug’s bath, I started sitting her on the toilet. She wasn’t interested in her mini potty, so I removed the seat and placed it on the real “big girl” toilet. We had been doing this every night for about a week with not so much as a tinkle in the potty.

Because we weren’t having any success, I decided to start increasing the number of times Ladybug sat on the toilet throughout the day. Like my mom said, by shear odds she’d have to make it in the potty at least once.

So I put her on the potty yesterday morning, not expecting anything. But lo and behold, there was the beautiful sound of pee hitting toilet water. I started to cheer, Ladybug was clapping and yelling “Yay!”, and when my husband came in to find out what all the noise was about, he started to hurrah also. I put a sticker on the calendar with a description of what happened to commemorate the day.

Then when Ladybug was eating lunch later that day, she put down her fork, looked at me and said, “Potty.” I was a little doubtful. I mean, could she be picking up on this that quick? But I took her into the bathroom, and yes, she peed again!

And this morning while she was playing on the floor, she said, “Potty quick!” I rushed her into the bathroom and not only did she pee in the toilet, she pooped too! There was a repeat again tonight.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up to high just yet. It would have to be a miracle to be potty trained in a matter of a couple days, right? But we’re finally, definitely on the right track.

Man, using the potty and coming off formula all in the same week. You can slow down now on growing up, Ladybug.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say a miracle, my oldest fought us over potty training for almost a year. Then suddenly one day it clicked she just started going. I think it kind of a control thing sometimes. They need to feel like it was all their idea. Good luck. Go buy some pretty panties now, that worked with two of my girls.

January 31, 2008 at 10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, Ladybug!! Definitely get the little-girl panties now ... they are PROUD to wear those and never want to get them dirty.

WTG, mom :)


February 5, 2008 at 9:36 AM  
Blogger Michelle Mahfoufi said...

I bought panties several months ago when we first started potty training but when I tried to put them on her the other day, she started to scream and cry and run away from me. What am I supposed to make of that? We're working our way up to them but for now she doesn't want to part with her Pull-Ups.

February 6, 2008 at 9:56 PM  

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