Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too cute

Before Ladybug was born, I washed all of her clothes in anticipation of her arrival. I’d hold up the tiny socks and the little pajamas and envision the small bundle that would soon fill them. Those miniature clothes were just too darn cute.

Ladybug’s clothes are still adorable, but they’re not baby clothes anymore. They’re little girl clothes. Polka-dotted underwear, brightly striped tights, pom-pom boots. And pocket books.

Ladybug’s favorite pocket book is a purple and pink vinyl Beauty and the Beast purse that we take on every outing. Inside are her princess flip phone, a princess wand, a small rubber Beast figurine, a leather wallet I bought in Spain years before Ladybug was born, a fake credit card and a princess camera.

She hangs the ‘book, as she calls it, in the crook of her arm or drapes it over her shoulder, raising her arm in the air to keep it from falling off. Then she takes my hand to help her down the stairs.

Sometimes she’s just too cute for words.


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