Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My, oh my, how things sneak up on me. Tomorrow is Ladybug’s second birthday and, can you believe, I forgot to get her a card?

And I was so proud of myself for being ahead of the game. I bought her birthday presents when I did the Christmas shopping. I got her princess party supplies a couple weeks ago. I made her cupcakes from scratch today. How could I have forgotten the card?

Oh, I know, it’s not like she would know the difference. But I save all the cards she receives and put them in her “memory box” for when she grows up. I think it’s a nice way to remember how much she was loved by so many people.

In fact, I still have a box of cards from my childhood signed by relatives, many of whom have since passed away. When I look at them I’m reminded of the boots one grandmother gave me each year and the goofy wind-up toys that the other grandmother stuffed into our Christmas stockings.

So now you see why it’s important that I give Ladybug a birthday card. And to make sure I don’t forget, I put a reminder note on the kitchen island. The last thing I want is Ladybug looking through her memory box when she’s all grown up and asking, “Mom, what happened to my birthday card from when I turned two?”


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